Would you like to achieve these benefits from reinventing your learning? Here are results our clients have achieved:

Reduction in training time.
(IT Quality Group, 2018)
Increase in assessment scores vs control group.
(Retail Banking, 2018)
Improved team knowledge and social learning.
(Motor Service Department, 2018)
Receptivity to adopt and apply new software systems.
(Technology Company, 2019)

Challenges we help you solve:

Reinvent your traditional training from “bricks to clicks”
Transform knowledge into “know-how” with learning games (online and blended)
Changing one dimensional content into experiential learning (online and blended)

By empowering our community of educators, learning professionals and technical leaders with creativity, thinking partnerships, skills and learning experiences; we aim to be an impactful contributors towards equipping the workforce to thrive and build a prosperous society.

Founded in 2015, Game2Change has since been witnessing first-hand the power of game-thinking and learning, Game2Change focuses on delivering innovative, custom designed, experiential and game-based learning solutions.

As a team of creative and innovative individuals, we’ll collaborate with you to create engaging learning experiences with reflection and reinforcement.

Our pool of expertise is contributed to by our various specialists who all share the passion of applying experiential learning and gaming to drive positive change in people and organisations.

We hone our skills to favour three distinct principles:

Holistic Understanding
Your environment is unique and so are your people – we listen and design with you at the centre

Experiential Learning
People are not robots; our designs focus on engagement and interactivity.

Outcomes Driven
We measure what we deliver to drive consistency and continuous improvement.

Company specialists

We are a multi-disciplined team who have the energy and creativity to bring your project to life and the business sense to deliver an effective program for your organisation.


Jaguar Land Rover

An exciting and interactive experience that will be remembered by all the delegates. I would not hesitate to recommend your services to anyone.

Jaguar Land Rover

The team managed to incorporate our values and customer principles into the activity

MultiChoice Africa

Interactive, fun way of learning that stimulates knowledge retention.

MultiChoice Africa

Gaming to learn was a captivating and interesting means to learn in a working environment, considering how employees get bored of regular classroom training.

Vector Logistics
HR Manager

Thank you so much for the work done on the ePOD project. Everyone is really excited about the possibilities.

Baker McKenzie

It was very educational, I learned a lot from my peers.

Standard Bank

The game really helped me learn more than I would have without it.

Operations Executive

Your broad-minded view and approachable attitude makes the work so much easier. Your ability to understand the objective & vision of all our briefs and come up with creative content is what we appreciate most.

Operations Executive

Your attention to detail attribute is outstanding. Your prompt turnaround times is really commendable. Most of off, your willingness to deliver outstanding work to your clients is really what will grow you and your company!