Welcome to our Excellence in Learning Design Course! Our online course will give you the fundamental tools and techniques to take your learning design from passive click through to engaging gamified experiences!

The course focuses on the 4 core diamonds of design, giving you the framework to take your learning design to the next level.  

Designing for inclusivity using the user personae maps and gathering insights to inform performance objectives.

Tapping into the creativity needed in designing an experience which is derived from the user insights gathered.

Steps in designing a prototype to test with user and environment and gather user feedback.

Reviewing the development process in terms of using iterative development and type of tools to consider.

  • Content Mapping
  • Learner Journey Mapping
  • Developing Personae’s & Empathy Canvas
  • Performance Objective Analysis
  • Brainstorming Techniques 
  • Designing Narratives 
  • How to Storyboard 
  • Game-Thinking Mechanics 
  • Designing Paper Prototypes 
  • Role-Play for Prototypes & Service Blueprints 
  • User Testing & Feedback 
  • Prepare for Implementation 
  • Iterative Development Process 
  • Development Tools 
  • Launching & Delivery Methods  
  • Project Review 
Our Excellence in Learning Design course will comprise of 5 key aspects:
Digital Learning

Be given access to online content to complete at your own pace.

Gamified Quiz

Test your retention through experiential gamified quizzes.

Toolkit & Resources

Receive toolkits and resources to compliment your learning journey.

Live Q&A

Attend live Q&A sessions online to address any questions or peer review.

Scheduled Consult

Schedule live consultations for assistance with your learning designs.

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